Lean Change Management Association

Welcome to the Lean Change Management Association

Welcome to the Lean Change Management Association

A professional association dedicated to modernizing change management with agile and lean practises.

About Us

The Lean Change Management Association is the world’s only professional association that helps today’s change agents advance their skills with modern change practises inspired by agile, lean, design thinking, and lean startup ideas.

Why Join?

This association is for change agents of all disciplines to get help, to inspire and be inspired, and most importantly, focus on meaningful change.

We believe a professional association should do more than re-affirm your beliefs. We believe a professional association should give you actionable ideas you can try right away.

What you get:

  • free digital copy of Lean Change Management
  • early access to premium content, Change Agility book and more
  • free full access to the Change Wayfinder
  • free access to The Complete Package - a set of interviews and tutorials for modernizing your approach to change
  • monthly hangouts via Zoom with founder Jason Little
  • monthly video tutorials
  • discounts on all self-study Lean Change Academy courses
  • free
  • connections to change agents all over the world from agile coaches, to change managers, HR and more

How We're Different

We help you solve problems. Our community and Change Wayfinder will help you figure out the right way to jiggle your organization in order to move change in a positive direction.

We can't "ensure" successful change, no one can, but we can promise to help you navigate your way though change.

Best of all, 5% of all membership fees is donated to a different human rights charity each month so we can all leave the world better than how we found it.

What Happens Next?

Your first month is free.

When you signup for you free trial, you'll be asked for payment information, but don't worry, you won't be charged.

Before your trial is up, you'll be notified so you can cancel if you don't love it. We'll be sad to see you go, but we realize this community might not be for everyone!

After registration you'll receive your welcome package, instant access to everything, including the new Change Wayfinder.

Privacy and Terms

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