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A professional association dedicated to modernizing change management with agile and lean practises.

Lean Change Management Association

About Us

The Lean Change Management Association is the world’s only professional association that helps today’s change agents advance their skills with modern change practises inspired by agile, lean, design thinking, and lean startup ideas.

Why Join?

In a world where most associations focus on standards and silos, this association is for changemakers of all disciplines to get help, to inspire and be inspired, and most importantly, focus on meaningful change.

Not only do you get access to exclusive content, such as video tutorials, stories, discounts on virtual training and more, we help you with real problems through our multiple monthly themes lean coffee session.

We believe a professional association should do more than re-affirm your beliefs. We believe a professional association should give you actionable ideas you can try right away.

How We're Different

We help you solve problems. It's that simple. Bring your challenge to the community, we'll help generate options you can try right away. Best of all, we give back to the world by donating $5 from each subscription to a different charity each month.

Your first month is free and you can renew monthly, or save a bunch of $$$ and take the annual plan.

What Happens Next?

When you signup, you'll be asked to enter your billing information, but remember, your first month is free and you can cancel anytime. 

Privacy and Terms

June's Theme

Movements. "A rising tide lifts all boats."  This phrase is commonly attributed to John F Kennedy and simply stated, any change your organization undertakes will rise and fall based on how many people believe in it.

We have a tendency to over-complicate change with process and tools and often forget that it's the interventions and interactions between people that creates the energy for change.

This month our theme is focused on the social aspects of change:

  • how to find movers
  • how to ride the 'wave of change'
  • how to intervene at the right time

What'll happen:

  • We'll conduct interviews with various change practitioners who've taken more of an art approach to change by leveraging social systems and interactions and then we'll open up an all-member call to talk about how to apply these ideas in the wild.
  • Last month we generated $675 for a yet-to-be-determined charity that will be chosen by Dave Dame, who was one of our featured speakers for Agility month in April.
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